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Cruise through the Fiji on a small ship


Visit Remote IslandsĀ  | Captain Cook Cruises

Captain Cook Cruises small ships are uniquely able to offer intimate and personal experiences to bring you closer to the world we travel. We invite you to join us aboard our Fiji Islands cruise fleet to experience the nature, history, culture, people and spectacular islands. We will show you the real Fiji Islands.

The remote islands to the north-east of the main island are rarely visited by tourists. Visit places without postcards as our small ship embarks on a 7-night adventure to the remote northern Fiji Islands. The special seven-night cruise, venturing to the international dateline and the northeast tip of the Fiji Islands, has been developed after months of research and exploration among remote island locations, some never visited by commercial vessels before.

Captain Cook Cruises Fiji Islands cruises offer a truly unique Fijian holiday experience. Gift vouchers and certificates are also available for all our Fiji Islands holidays.

$379 from per person for a 3 Night Sail through Fiji Islands
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